The Team

Me: 32 years old, family man

Software Engineer in profession

9 years of experience in development and administration

Experience in IOT/ Smart Home development

Current Hardware Setup

  • Host Server (12 Cores, 44 GB RAM, 512GB NVME, 256GB SSD, 2,5TB Backup Storage (NAS))
    • Block Producer (4 vCores, 8GB RAM)
    • Relay Server (4 vCores, 8GB RAM)
    • Second an more Relays are in planning (preferably in different cloud locations)
  • Backup Offline Server (4 Cores, 8GB RAM)
    • In case of the hostserver undergoing regular maintenance or experiencing a failure
  • NAS Backup Storage (RAID 1)
    • Regular scheduled backups of all servers
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
    • Connected to servers and internet router (can bridge up to 15-30 min. power failure)


  • 500 Mbit/s down - 100 Mbit/s up on fiber optic cable technology
  • Backup LTE-Router (5G) in planning


  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    • Internal firewall ufw restrictions
  • 2 other software firewalls on host

Delegation/ Staking

Why stake to a small pool?

  • Support the Decentralization of the Cardano network – so the operators are motivated to stay online and dont give up
  • Less frequent but bigger one-time rewards possible > 20% – because of fewer delegators
  • More fun and anticipation of generating blocks with a small pool team  / community  -> direct contact

Staking Information:

  • Delegating your ADAs to a pool is safe. The ADAs you delegate never leave your wallet or are locked.
  • You can switch to another pool at any time or stop staking alltogether -> no risk in it
    • generally consistent rewards variate from 3-6% on big pools

Pool Information