The Team

Me: 34 years old, family man

Software Engineer in profession

11 years of experience in development and administration

Experience in IOT/ Smart Home development

Server Pool - Infrastructure

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Delegation/ Staking

Why stake to a small pool?

  • Support the Decentralization of the Cardano network – so the operators are motivated to stay online and dont give up
  • Less frequent but bigger one-time rewards possible > 20% – because of fewer delegators
  • More fun and anticipation of generating blocks with a small pool team  / community  -> direct contact

Staking Information:

  • Delegating your ADAs to a pool is safe. The ADAs you delegate never leave your wallet or are locked.
  • You can switch to another pool at any time or stop staking alltogether -> no risk in it
    • generally consistent rewards variate from 3-6% on big pools

Pool Information

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