#1 Donation – Save the Children

Hello Cardano Community,

the time has finally come after we have minted our first block in epoch 261, the rewards have now arrived after 2 epochs (263) and we are happy to fulfill our first promise (https://wise-pool.eu/index.php/2021/02/23/contribution-to-support-a-charity-organization/):
For our first block we donate the first 50% of our pool rewards to Save the Children (https://www.savethechildren.net/).

The pool rewards total: 357.92 ADA. So we’re donating a total of 178.96 ADA (about $ 241)!

It is an affair of the heart and has only become possible through my loyal delegators! I hereby thank you very much for your support and belief in small single pools!

We will of course continue to support Save the Children.

Stay up to date and follow us here on the blog, on Twitter (https://twitter.com/wise_pool) or
at Telegram (https://t.me/WISEpoolada).

Please delegate to WISE and continue to support small single pools and our charity! We are grateful for every new delegator.

P.S .: Our delegators not only receive the usual rewards, but also additional rewards from our following program: https://wise-pool.eu/index.php/additional-delegator-rewards/
More on this in the next blog post!

Have a nice Sunday and stay healthy,

your WISE pool (Arthur)