Epoch 263 – Additional rewards and our first lottery

Hello Cardano Community,

now the time has come for my loyal delegators too! First and only qualified delegator was with a stake of 101.01K ADA (stake1uxe9yufl3tjshtlsn2kwhedd876my7um6fz23twsyqlrdhg9m4645 – addr1qx6cs3ppzwpmuarmrzxxzwh60ryq2nylyx33ayn69pcwchlndjylyx33ayn69pcwchlndjjdzqm4pcwchvz60qmw7qfwkaw6qm4w7qwkaw6qwkawz60qwkawkawz60qqw0wkawz).

In epoch 259 13-04-2021, 15:44 he/she qualified for a total of 10% more rewards and through our block in epoch 261 we now have a total of 17,869 ADA (357.92 pool rewards => 50% = 178.69 => 10%) paid off.

But that’s not all: As a little surprise and to celebrate our first block, all other delegators who are currently in the pool will also receive a chance to a total of 50 ADA in the form of a raffle:

  • 1st place receives 25 ADA
  • 2nd place receives 15 ADA
  • 3rd place receives 10 ADA

I carried out the raffle today and recorded it as video evidence:

Congratulations to the following delegators:

  • 1st place: stake1u8sa3u26yzezpxp8lzppul9sgueg5vrs0dfsz7fkjvpetmqp3futf (addr1qxsxu5jep68ra773kpsvqk0l3l53epsgcfwelxslfac4dyhpmrc45g9jyzvz07yzre7tq3ej3gc8q76nq9undycrjhkq375sce)
  • 2nd place: stake1uyj67g76e0zu7ttrk6ec4ppnwr0t3er6skxl84l7hvzzr7sageust (addr1qy75tgcadd7w6am4gehhjrpse2aa3vruj0ma5fms8300jw394u3a4j79eukk8d4n32zrxux7hrj84pvd70tlawcyy8aq3a8fnx)
  • 3rd place: stake1u99f0m92tthw9m9kztynww3nqsagh4emgd8mej6tq4frlhs4kar6t (addr1q822jzdczmepfvzm9a5g60qp62lyjxktn4xs7cnmj38m5x62jlk25khwutktvykfxuarxpp630tnks60hn95kp2j8l0qq2wpqs)

Currently 70% of the slots are still free! The rules are simple. Stake >= 100K to WISE and get at least 10-50% additional rewards if we mint a block where your stake was also active!

More information and the current status at: https://wise-pool.eu/index.php/additional-delegator-rewards/

Have a nice evening and stay healthy,

your WISE pool (Arthur)