– Catalyst proposal

Hi all,

i’ve started a catalyst proposal on Cardano ideascale. This is my second bigger project after my pool:).

Please get involved on and vote/give Kudos and comment on interesting ideas!

I would love some support for my platform: and the proposal on ideascale: Data driven Cardano services (

Here is the proposal as a copy from the portal:

Data driven Cardano services

arthur.leinweber - WISE pool 10arthur.leinweber – WISE pool

Problem statement :

People new to Cardano ecosystem are often overwhelmed when it comes to technology, pool selection for staking as well as choosing a wallet.Describe your solution to the problem

Our platform solves these problems through data-driven analysis and decision making by providing intelligent services and tools.Relevant experience

9 years of professional experience in software engineering and administration of database systems. Focus: databases and performance analysis

Website/GitHub repository:

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details: is a data-driven Cardano focused service platform mainly for newbies, delegators, sympathizers, and stake pool operators.
As a small stake pool operator, I notice daily via social media / reddit and the Cardano forum how people new to Cardano are simply overwhelmed by all the technical terms and guides related to Cardano:

  • How do I create a Cardano wallet?
  • What is staking?
  • Which pool should I choose?
  • When do I get my rewards and how much are they?
  • What is … ???

Many stake pool operators and other helpful community members respond to all these questions very competently and courteously.

As a developer and administrator, I love to automate things. In addition, I have been dealing with data for a long time and both things go very well together: data-driven automation / decision-making!


The following services are currently being developed or are being planned:

NLP-driven stake pool selection:

  • Natural language processing driven selection of a pool will provide you with a guided process (multiple questions) to find the pool(s) that best fit(s) you based on your answers to these questions.
  • The selection becomes considerably simpler, more precise and personalized with each answered question.

Notification service:

  • Cardano Delegator Notification Service (CDNS) WebApp/API asks for tracking pool changes like saturation, retirement, fee changes, etc.
  • CDNS-API sends an email to the delegators, when one of the attributes(saturation, retirement, fee changes) changes
  • Delegators enter an email address to receive notifications over WebApp, Daedalus, Yoroi, other apps -> API will be provided for integration. Daedalus is open to integration into the application. Here is my feature request:

WISE Ada Lovelace Bot:

  • aka “Ada bot” will answer your question about the Cardano ecosystem

Analytic platform:

  • Data platform for statistical analysis of Cardano data
  • Built-in custom reporting for own reports -> with dashboards, embedding and sharing
  • Design custom charts with drag and drop actions/controls

Developer API:

  • We want to provide an API for all our services and data
  • You will be able to integrate our services to your applications

Other ideas and services will follow. I am ao open for any suggestions!

  • Q1 – Founding (done):
  • Listen to community problems
  • Building ideas
  • Forming first prototypes and website
  • Q2 – Infrastructure/Beta Services (in progress):
  • Setup server infrastructure
  • Create first services
  • Prepare Cardano Catalyst proposal
  • Build data platform
  • Q3 – Service Extension/Improvements:
  • Improve services
  • Search for partners
  • Build additional services
  • Q4 – Refactoring/Further Expansion:
  • Continuous development of the services
  • Building new ideas and solutions

Budget planning for next 6 months (approximately):

  • Infrastructure costs:
  • Website/domain: 5$/month= 30$ for 6 months
  • Data server: 150$/month = 900$ (
  • Development costs:
  • Developer(me): 120 days * 4 hours * 80$/hour = 38.400$

Total: 39.330$ for 6 months

Requested funds in USD: 39330