NFT Giveaway – Cardano Summit 2021 Berlin

Hello Cardano community,

In view of the upcoming Cardano Summit Event, I have created a unique NFT. You can win this NFT!Cardano Summit 2021 Berlin (

– Just delegate at least 100 ADA to my pool [WISE] by September 26, 2021 23:59:59 UTC.

The winner is drawn by lot and receives the NFT on the stake address.

P.S .: I will also be live at the Cardano Summit in Berlin. I would be very happy to meet some of you!

Upgraded Server Infrastructue – better security, maximum availability and higher performance

Dear Cardano Community,

we have now finished our work on the new infrastructure and are proud of the work done and the result! Since about a week our pool runs absolutely stable and even more secure on the new infrastructure and could already successfully produce new blocks.

Besides a 2nd relay in another region (Finland), the Block Producer Node is also located on the new server and additionally offers increased failover security through the Failover Node on the first server. (more information you can find in the screenshot)

With this extension we contribute significantly to the stability and decentralization of the Cardano network.

All these changes and therefore higher costs (~ 100€/ month) we took the risk that after the IOG sponsorship we will continue to find new delegators to support us.

Currently we are not on a good way: The IOG sponsorship will leave us in the next weeks, so we would end up with a live-stake of about 150K ADA. This result would be a pity and we hope to find new delegators in the near future!

Best regards,

WISE Pool – Arthur

Epoch 263 – Additional rewards and our first lottery

Hello Cardano Community,

now the time has come for my loyal delegators too! First and only qualified delegator was with a stake of 101.01K ADA (stake1uxe9yufl3tjshtlsn2kwhedd876my7um6fz23twsyqlrdhg9m4645 – addr1qx6cs3ppzwpmuarmrzxxzwh60ryq2nylyx33ayn69pcwchlndjylyx33ayn69pcwchlndjjdzqm4pcwchvz60qmw7qfwkaw6qm4w7qwkaw6qwkawz60qwkawkawz60qqw0wkawz).

In epoch 259 13-04-2021, 15:44 he/she qualified for a total of 10% more rewards and through our block in epoch 261 we now have a total of 17,869 ADA (357.92 pool rewards => 50% = 178.69 => 10%) paid off.

But that’s not all: As a little surprise and to celebrate our first block, all other delegators who are currently in the pool will also receive a chance to a total of 50 ADA in the form of a raffle:

  • 1st place receives 25 ADA
  • 2nd place receives 15 ADA
  • 3rd place receives 10 ADA

I carried out the raffle today and recorded it as video evidence:

Congratulations to the following delegators:

  • 1st place: stake1u8sa3u26yzezpxp8lzppul9sgueg5vrs0dfsz7fkjvpetmqp3futf (addr1qxsxu5jep68ra773kpsvqk0l3l53epsgcfwelxslfac4dyhpmrc45g9jyzvz07yzre7tq3ej3gc8q76nq9undycrjhkq375sce)
  • 2nd place: stake1uyj67g76e0zu7ttrk6ec4ppnwr0t3er6skxl84l7hvzzr7sageust (addr1qy75tgcadd7w6am4gehhjrpse2aa3vruj0ma5fms8300jw394u3a4j79eukk8d4n32zrxux7hrj84pvd70tlawcyy8aq3a8fnx)
  • 3rd place: stake1u99f0m92tthw9m9kztynww3nqsagh4emgd8mej6tq4frlhs4kar6t (addr1q822jzdczmepfvzm9a5g60qp62lyjxktn4xs7cnmj38m5x62jlk25khwutktvykfxuarxpp630tnks60hn95kp2j8l0qq2wpqs)

Currently 70% of the slots are still free! The rules are simple. Stake >= 100K to WISE and get at least 10-50% additional rewards if we mint a block where your stake was also active!

More information and the current status at:

Have a nice evening and stay healthy,

your WISE pool (Arthur)

#1 Donation – Save the Children

Hello Cardano Community,

the time has finally come after we have minted our first block in epoch 261, the rewards have now arrived after 2 epochs (263) and we are happy to fulfill our first promise (
For our first block we donate the first 50% of our pool rewards to Save the Children (

The pool rewards total: 357.92 ADA. So we’re donating a total of 178.96 ADA (about $ 241)!

It is an affair of the heart and has only become possible through my loyal delegators! I hereby thank you very much for your support and belief in small single pools!

We will of course continue to support Save the Children.

Stay up to date and follow us here on the blog, on Twitter ( or
at Telegram (

Please delegate to WISE and continue to support small single pools and our charity! We are grateful for every new delegator.

P.S .: Our delegators not only receive the usual rewards, but also additional rewards from our following program:
More on this in the next blog post!

Have a nice Sunday and stay healthy,

your WISE pool (Arthur) – Catalyst proposal

Hi all,

i’ve started a catalyst proposal on Cardano ideascale. This is my second bigger project after my pool:).

Please get involved on and vote/give Kudos and comment on interesting ideas!

I would love some support for my platform: and the proposal on ideascale: Data driven Cardano services (

Here is the proposal as a copy from the portal:

Data driven Cardano services

arthur.leinweber - WISE pool 10arthur.leinweber – WISE pool

Problem statement :

People new to Cardano ecosystem are often overwhelmed when it comes to technology, pool selection for staking as well as choosing a wallet.Describe your solution to the problem

Our platform solves these problems through data-driven analysis and decision making by providing intelligent services and tools.Relevant experience

9 years of professional experience in software engineering and administration of database systems. Focus: databases and performance analysis

Website/GitHub repository:

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details: is a data-driven Cardano focused service platform mainly for newbies, delegators, sympathizers, and stake pool operators.
As a small stake pool operator, I notice daily via social media / reddit and the Cardano forum how people new to Cardano are simply overwhelmed by all the technical terms and guides related to Cardano:

  • How do I create a Cardano wallet?
  • What is staking?
  • Which pool should I choose?
  • When do I get my rewards and how much are they?
  • What is … ???

Many stake pool operators and other helpful community members respond to all these questions very competently and courteously.

As a developer and administrator, I love to automate things. In addition, I have been dealing with data for a long time and both things go very well together: data-driven automation / decision-making!


The following services are currently being developed or are being planned:

NLP-driven stake pool selection:

  • Natural language processing driven selection of a pool will provide you with a guided process (multiple questions) to find the pool(s) that best fit(s) you based on your answers to these questions.
  • The selection becomes considerably simpler, more precise and personalized with each answered question.

Notification service:

  • Cardano Delegator Notification Service (CDNS) WebApp/API asks for tracking pool changes like saturation, retirement, fee changes, etc.
  • CDNS-API sends an email to the delegators, when one of the attributes(saturation, retirement, fee changes) changes
  • Delegators enter an email address to receive notifications over WebApp, Daedalus, Yoroi, other apps -> API will be provided for integration. Daedalus is open to integration into the application. Here is my feature request:

WISE Ada Lovelace Bot:

  • aka “Ada bot” will answer your question about the Cardano ecosystem

Analytic platform:

  • Data platform for statistical analysis of Cardano data
  • Built-in custom reporting for own reports -> with dashboards, embedding and sharing
  • Design custom charts with drag and drop actions/controls

Developer API:

  • We want to provide an API for all our services and data
  • You will be able to integrate our services to your applications

Other ideas and services will follow. I am ao open for any suggestions!

  • Q1 – Founding (done):
  • Listen to community problems
  • Building ideas
  • Forming first prototypes and website
  • Q2 – Infrastructure/Beta Services (in progress):
  • Setup server infrastructure
  • Create first services
  • Prepare Cardano Catalyst proposal
  • Build data platform
  • Q3 – Service Extension/Improvements:
  • Improve services
  • Search for partners
  • Build additional services
  • Q4 – Refactoring/Further Expansion:
  • Continuous development of the services
  • Building new ideas and solutions

Budget planning for next 6 months (approximately):

  • Infrastructure costs:
  • Website/domain: 5$/month= 30$ for 6 months
  • Data server: 150$/month = 900$ (
  • Development costs:
  • Developer(me): 120 days * 4 hours * 80$/hour = 38.400$

Total: 39.330$ for 6 months

Requested funds in USD: 39330

Contribution to support a charity organization

Hello Cardano community,

After some helpful discussions with my family, we have now decided which charity organization we would like to support as WSIE pool operator at this point in time:

This is

As an additional contribution, I have decided to donate 50% of my first pool rewards! (the rewards for delegators is not touched!)

Around the world, too many children start life at a disadvantage simply because of who they are and where they come from.

Millions of children are dying from preventable causes, face poverty, violence, disease and hunger. They are caught up in war zones and disasters they did nothing to create. And they are denied an education and other basic rights owed to them.

All children deserve better.

We champion the rights and interests of children worldwide, putting the most vulnerable children first.

With 25,000 dedicated staff across 117 countries, we respond to major emergencies, deliver innovative development programmes, and ensure children’s voices are heard through our campaigning to build a better future for and with children. Source:

We hope that with this step we can make a small contribution to improving our world. Please help us and join the pool [WISE] as a delegator.

Be an important part of this community, support this charity organization and small stake pools like us!

P.S .: I also plan to create a smart contract as part of the introduction of smart contracts on Cardano in order to donate a fixed percentage of the pool rewards directly to the charity organization.

Please support small pools and ensure a more balanced distribution.


WISE pool team
Ticker: WISE