Cardano Epoch Price Viewer

Hello Cardano community,

today I want to introduce you my first tax tool for delegators.

My GitHub-Repo:

Tool Download:

The tax issue is not yet clearly regulated in many countries with regard to cryptos. Therefore it is currently difficult to find good tools
or to create ones.

This tool should help all ADA stakers to properly record their epoch rewards, visualize them and convert them into a fiat currency.

The following steps are necessary:

  1. Enter API Key / Project Id (automated fetching of your stake address rewards)
    • If you have no API Key yet, just sign up on – no registration needed – and get started:
    • Create your Project and copy the API Key to my sheet.
  2. Enter your Bech32 stake address
    • Can get it from a pool you delegated to, example on
  3. Enter your preferred currency
    • USD, EUR, BTC and so on
  4. Click on Ribbon Data -> Refresh All
  5. Click Show Results

Additional sheets:

  • “My Epoch rewards details”: Details as a list with the important columns.
  • “Source Historical Data”

Here you can mix with you own data or source. Just enter your epoch date and the price, so it will be mixed and replaced!

In a later version I plan to create the possibility to add own data about the Epoch rewards, so that you don’t have to fetch from the API.

I would like to thank the developers of for the great work and API!

I would also like to thank CoinGecko for the freely available market data API!

Please support us and delegate to our pool: WISE

Have fun and success with staking,

your WISE Pool Team