Upgraded Server Infrastructue – better security, maximum availability and higher performance

Dear Cardano Community,

we have now finished our work on the new infrastructure and are proud of the work done and the result! Since about a week our pool runs absolutely stable and even more secure on the new infrastructure and could already successfully produce new blocks.

Besides a 2nd relay in another region (Finland), the Block Producer Node is also located on the new server and additionally offers increased failover security through the Failover Node on the first server. (more information you can find in the screenshot)

With this extension we contribute significantly to the stability and decentralization of the Cardano network.

All these changes and therefore higher costs (~ 100€/ month) we took the risk that after the IOG sponsorship we will continue to find new delegators to support us.

Currently we are not on a good way: The IOG sponsorship will leave us in the next weeks, so we would end up with a live-stake of about 150K ADA. This result would be a pity and we hope to find new delegators in the near future!

Best regards,

WISE Pool – Arthur